financial aid

Last Update: 27.10.2021

Events and equip­ment (e.g. cal­cu­lat­ors) weight on the family budget. The school skiing weeks require pro­fes­sional and expens­ive equipe­ment, and are expens­ive. Same applies to sport weeks and trips abroad. The Elternver­ein organ­izes a flea market for sports equip­ment every year during the first teacher-par­ents con­fer­ence, where you can sell and buy sports equip­ment.

The state of Lower Aus­tria and the Elternver­ein of the BG/BRG Klosterneuburg — Inter­na­tional School are there­fore offer­ing fin­an­cial aid. Besides, together with Rotary, the Elternver­ein was able to set up a social fund” for par­tic­u­lar cases of hard­ship. The amout of the aid is related to the house­hold income and the costs of the spe­cific event. 

To apply for fin­an­cial aid, it is suf­fi­cient to hand in an applic­a­tion based on the form provided below stat­ing the costs of the event, your con­tact and bank details.

The form can be down­loaded HERE

Please tick the case for sup­port by the social fund if you want to apply for an aid above the 150/200 € that the Elternver­ein can spon­sor.

Send you applic­a­tion to sozial@​evbgklosterneuburg.​at or hand it in at the school office. Ms. Veyder-Mal­berg will con­tact you. All ques­tion and applic­a­tions are treated strictly con­fid­en­tial. Neither the school staff nor you child will know about it.

If you have any ques­tions, please con­tact Ms Romana Michail (phone: 02243 321 55 50) or Ms. Bet­tina Veyder-Mal­berg (0669÷10 708 740).

By decision of the SGA (stat­utory elec­ted panel of teach­ers, pupils and par­ents at Aus­trian sec­ond­ary schools), school events must not exceed 110 € per day, a secret ballot has to be held within the class, with a week­ends´ reflec­tion time.

2) Sup­port by the State of Lower Aus­tria
For fin­an­cial aid for the State of Lower Aus­tria you need to fill in a form and submit it. The forms are avail­able from Ms. Romana Mechail at the school office. Dead­line for the applic­a­tion is the 31th of march of the school year. You must use these forms for your applic­a­tion.

The fin­an­cial aid from the Elternver­ein does not imply an applic­a­tion to the State of Lower Aus­tria.